Creamoda units manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and agencies, active in the Belgian fashion and ready to wear garment.


IVOC is the sector fund for the joint committies 109,210 and 215 (confection, textile care).


FBT is the federation of the Belgian textile care-taking industry.


Fedustria represents the Belgian textile, woodworking and furniture industry’s companies.


Centexbel is the Belgian Textile Research Centre.

   Syntra West

Syntra West offers fashion training (mainly technical) of high quality.


This site contains an overview of all fashion related training in Flanders.

   FFI (Flanders Fashion Institute)

FFI is a non profit organisation, was established in 1998 with the support of the Flemish Government. FFI is the knowledge centre for fashion in Flanders and aims at enhancing employment in the fashion industry in Flanders. FFI also stimulates and promotes fashion designers of Flanders locally and worldwide.

   Modemuseum (Antwerpen)

In this fashion museum there are regularly exhibitions.

   Modo Bruxellae

Modo Bruxellae promotes fashion designers from Brussels.

   Fashion United

Recent news about the fashion industry.


Information on fashion shows.
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